The popular interview question is, Where do you see yourself in ten years? As a freshman at Drake University, I never thought I would have completed two website redesigns and juggled the responsibilities of a director of communications in that time. Nor did I know my college jobs would inspire me to pursue a career in communications and website management for an organization that gives back to its community.

Meredith Corporation
During my junior year, an opportunity I had with the Meredith Corporation publication, WOOD Magazine, sparked my interest in digital work. My position required me to work closely with Adobe Creative Suite to create a DVD series of archived articles. I enjoyed using and learning more about Adobe Creative Suite, prompting me to take a coding class to learn HTML and CSS.

Disability Rights IOWA
My role as a web-based media intern at Disability Rights IOWA (DRI) allowed me to learn a great deal about website design in a short amount of time. Though I was only with the organization for six months, I worked with the executive director and an outside website designer to create a new website for people with various disabilities. I was tasked with learning and applying the W3C’s accessibility standards to make the website easy to use while making the design more appealing as well. I acted as a liaison between DRI and the designer because I was aware of the organization’s vision but also the limitations of web design.

I played such a large part in the DRI website redesign that, once my contract ended, I started looking for positions that dealt directly with website management and design.

Community High School District 155
My newfound passion led me to Community High School District 155, where I worked with the director of communications and the director of technology to design and launch five new websites.

I managed the redesigned websites, creating content through reporting and photography as the district’s digital communications specialist. My main objective was to allow parents and the community a glimpse into the school system so they could see all of the innovative projects and great work that students do every day.

Roseville Area Schools
I currently work as the communications and outreach coordinator for Roseville Area Schools, where I manage communications for the school district and community education program. My position involves creating and editing content for print and web and promoting the district via internal and external outlets. I have already improved my videography skills and continue to improve my photography skills.

As I search for a new position, I hope to contribute my website experience and writing skills to another organization that gives back to its community and makes a positive difference.

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