Website Content

Most of my website content was produced for District 155. After redesigning the websites from brochureware sites that provided general information to news sites that are constantly updated, I was responsible for writing articles about big events—academic, athletic, volunteer, or otherwise—for the websites.

Human interest article: After a student lost his bike after donating his time at a senior night event, the school came together to raise funds and buy the student another bike.

Article about a guest speaker: Joelle Charbonneau, author of the young adult novel “The Testing,” visited students to talk about her career path and to encourage students to work hard despite criticism.

Informative article about a class accomplishment: All four high schools teach VEI (Virtual Enterprises International) business classes that allow enrolled students to build and run a virtual company. Each of the schools’ companies attended the 2014 VEI Midwest Trade Show where students proved their networking and marketing skills through virtual sales and business competitions.