Social Media

A large part of my current role at District 155 is updating the social media accounts of the district and its four high schools: Cary-Grove, Crystal Lake Central, Crystal Lake South, and Prairie Ridge. When I entered the district, the five social media accounts had a total of about 2,300 followers. I have almost tripled that number, increasing the following to more than 6,000. Though the social media accounts are important tools for answering questions and providing emergency information, we also use them to promote website articles and advertise school events.

During college, I worked as the copy chief for Man Up magazine, a student-run magazine created by a small group of journalism students for our senior year capstone. I was hired for the position to maintain the integrity of the magazine through fact-checking and editing the digital magazine, website, and social media accounts. I made sure posts on Facebook and Twitter promoted the magazine’s mission statement while containing accurate information. Because of the small staff, I also contributed to the social media accounts.