Published Non-Fiction

From March to May 2013, I worked on a non-fiction book to raise money for an after-school program for Latinas, Latinas al Éxito. The book focuses on the lives and struggles of Latina teenagers and their mentors. I used a transcript from an interview with one of the girls to create a story about her experiences. The book was released in January 2014.The following is an excerpt from the story I wrote.

No Less

Since my parents’ divorce, I only see my dad on Mondays and some weekends. And on those days, he picks me up. Except for one Monday in sixth grade. I was eleven years old. School had just let out, and I was standing on the curb, looking around the parking lot for my dad’s car. I thought he must be running late, which was still weird, but I couldn’t think of what else would be keeping him. So I waited. And I waited.

Soon, half an hour had gone by and the parking lot was almost empty. I started to worry. I called my step-mom and asked if my dad had left home yet. There was a pause.

A long pause.

“Lizbeth, your dad can’t pick you up today,” she told me. Confused by her answer and more confused by her tone, I asked why. “Your father got picked up by an officer… last week.”